Learn Precise Luminosity Masking Adjustments

With the following videos, you will learn precise luminosity masking adjustments. In post-processing, we always need some masking, although Lightroom only offers some basic masking options. Therefore we could not apply more precise ones. That’s when precise luminosity masking adjustments come very handy.

In the following videos, Sean Bagshaw explains luminosity masking through one of his landscape pictures. It was a huge help for me when I was learning post-processing with luminosity masking. So I highly recommend watching his videos.

TK Actions

Sean using TK Actions panel, which is a huge help for us photographers to apply local adjustments perfectly. The masking the mask technique is one of the best approaches I have seen in post-processing, it makes it so easy.

With this process, you can avoid those ugly halos and learn how to deal your highlight and shadow areas more precisely.

Luminosity Masks Basics

Tonal Balancing with Luminosity Masks

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