We love to travel and explore new places, especially mountains. This category contains all of our journeys in the world. Will help you better understand the location and share some tips with you as well.

In this article, I am going to mainly talk about our landscape photography journey in the High Tatras. How we have found a great spot to photograph the sunrise. So, first of all, it’s not my first visit to this region of the Tatras

In the following article, I explain how to avoid landscape photography expectations. I’ll share my ideas and tips to help you overcome unrealistic expectations during your next journey. I often hear people complaining about landscape pictures they see on Facebook or Instagram; they frequently

I had the pleasure to spend a few days in Gesäuse National Park, Austria. My first visit was in 2016 November and the second at the end of December. Gesäuse national park is situated in the heart of the Austrian state of Styria, only

In 2015, we explored the High Tatras and some other places nearby and now we’ll be sharing our experience with you. We’ll be talking about our equipment, how we planned the jaunt, the places we visited, and the obstacles we were facing during this

I have always loved to photograph charming waterfalls. Even the forest is very peaceful itself, but with a waterfall or a stream, it becomes even more special. We have found an interesting place, Ysperklamm waterfalls to share with you guys. Ysperklamm Get directions here.