Post-processing is an important step in photography. The process where we edit and enhance the data collected by the camera. Improve your photography with our Lightroom and Photoshop techniques.

With the following videos, you will learn precise luminosity masking adjustments. In post-processing, we always need some masking, although Lightroom only offers some basic masking options. Therefore we could not apply more precise ones. That’s when precise luminosity masking adjustments come very handy. In

In this article, I’m explicating my thoughts on keeping the naturalness of nature photos and the importance of considering the whole image and the natural relations of the elements during a natural post-process flow. Before I get into the topic I’d like to tell

To create sharper images you might consider using focus stacking technique. Most lenses are unable to render every detail sharply, especially with close foregrounds. With this technique, you can approach a much sharper depth of field. We guide you from the field to your desktop to help