Our genuine purpose to help people to become better photographers. With our tutorials, we are putting you on a learning curve with on-field experiences or post-processing journeys.

You got your first drone, you got all excited, and went to a field to create some fantastic footage, but nothing turned out like in those incredible adventure movies that you saw on the internet? I had the exact same problems when I started.

Cover photo by: Gabor Nagy photography When I started landscape photography, I often went home with bad pictures; sometimes they were blurry, other times they overexposed, or the composition was not strong enough. Sound familiar? Landscape photography can be overwhelming if you are just

Drone photography offers a whole new level of flexibility to create exciting pictures from the sky. If you want to take your game to the next level, you need to learn some necessary but essential steps before you even start flying. When I first

Most of the time, it’s not enough to snap a photo of a great location and call it a day – we need to work on the scene compositionally to make that pictures more interesting. Mastering your landscape composition techniques will fundamentally improve your

With the following videos, you will learn precise luminosity masking adjustments. In post-processing, we always need some masking, although Lightroom only offers some basic masking options. Therefore we could not apply more precise ones. That’s when precise luminosity masking adjustments come very handy. In

With this article, I’m giving you an insight into how I do food photography. I am sharing the story of the beginnings, the process flow, and the used techniques, and some ideas on how I improve food photos. A bit of history In 2014,

Adjusting your camera settings in certain situations may take some time to think through. Here is a guide for you on how to approach this issue and we are providing you possible camera settings combinations as well. When I started dealing with photography I spent

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for photographers, according to April statistics, Instagram has 200 million daily active users. So it’s not surprising that everybody wants a piece of that big cake. Okay, okay, it’s cool if you have lots of

To create sharper images you might consider using focus stacking technique. Most lenses are unable to render every detail sharply, especially with close foregrounds. With this technique, you can approach a much sharper depth of field. We guide you from the field to your desktop to help