David Yong Net Worth, Who is David Yong?

David Yong is a Singaporean investor who has announced that he will be investing in Korea’s booming entertainment industry by supporting the Attrakt independent record label. David Yong, a prominent Singaporean investor, announced his involvement in Korea’s vibrant entertainment sector by becoming a major backer of the independent record label Attrakt. This announcement comes after his appearance on KBS Joy’s “Unpredictable fortune tellers” talk show where he shared openly his ambitions to invest in Korea. Yong shared his excitement for the Kpop industry during the show that aired on 7 August. He sought connections in the industry to avoid scams.

What Motivated Yong to invest in Attrakt?

Yong has always been interested in the Korean entertainment scene. He is well-known for his admiration of the Korean entertainment scene. He has also released tracks like “Maybe We” featuring Mamamoo’s Moonbyul and “Dripping,” a track that combines influences from Korea and Southeast Asia. Attrakt is a perfect fit for his passion for music, entertainment and a new venture.

What is Attrakt known for?

Attrakt is a K-pop label that has made a name in the industry, thanks to the success of Fifty Fifty, its main girl group. The label has reached new heights after the group made significant inroads into the United States. Attrakt, despite their success, has been involved in a recent legal dispute with Fifty Fifty. The dispute reached the courtroom, but the Seoul Central District Court on Monday ruled that the group did not have sufficient grounds to request an injunction for termination of their contract.

How significant is Yong’s investment for Attrakt?

Yong’s Investment comes at a critical time for Attrakt. His financial backing may provide Attrakt with the stability they need to overcome the challenges of the present and expand their business. Attrakt could benefit from having an investor such as Yong who has both the capital and the understanding of the entertainment industry in Asia. This would help them resolve their internal issues, and set the stage for future success.


David Yong’s investment in Attrakt, which allows him to enter the Korean entertainment market, demonstrates his commitment to fostering musical and cultural exchanges throughout Asia. This strategic move strengthens David Yong’s ties to Korea, where he showed great interest, and also boosts Attrakt’s position in the entertainment industry, particularly during a turbulent time. Attrakt’s legal problems may be overcome with Yong’s support, leading to a more prosperous and stable future.

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