Journey to Ysperklamm Waterfalls in Austria

I have always loved to photograph charming waterfalls. Even the forest is very peaceful itself, but with a waterfall or a stream, it becomes even more special. We have found an interesting place, Ysperklamm waterfalls to share with you guys.


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Ysperklamm is situated in lower Austria, close to the Danube and only a 2-hour drive away from Wien. A good starting point is a Forellenhof restaurant, where we can park our car and take a round trip hike through the forest.

About the area

It is the beautiful gorge of the Ysper creek, the total height difference is 390 meters and it’s only 2 kilometers long. There are a lot of small creeks flowing down this beautiful environment armed with some really picturesque waterfalls and small rapids. The smallest is 1 and the tallest is approximately 5 meters high.

The whole hike takes about 1 and a half hours, but when I was first there I spent the whole day exploring the area. The paths are well constructed; even on the steep slopes, they used wooden stairs and rails to make getting around the creek easy.

Ysperklamm Waterfalls
Ysperklamm by Peter Ujvari

On our hike, we met some hikers who said Ysperklamm waterfalls became one of the most photographed locations in these years, due to its uniqueness. Five years ago it wasn’t as crowded as it is these days, they said. Although we haven’t seen too many people.

Ysperklamm Waterfalls
Ysperklamm by Gabor Boszormenyi
Ysperklamm Waterfalls
Ysperklamm by Gabor Boszormenyi

When to Photograph Charming Waterfalls

Summer is a good time to hide from the hot weather in the shades of the cool forest. Although, from a photography perspective, I prefer to visit the forest in autumn, when all the leaves are turning yellow and red. With autumn colors we can create deeper contrast and the images will have more exciting details and an unmistakable atmosphere.

We spent a wonderful day at this gorge photographing the falls. After the long hike, we had a good dinner at Forellenhof.


Highest Point: 940 meter
Elevation Gain: 390 meter
Distance: 1.7 km
Temperature: 8-12°C
Weather: mostly sunny

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