Tom Schwartz Girlfriend, Who is Tom Schwartz’s New Girlfriend?

In the crowded reality television world, “Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Schwartz has captured headlines for the second time by entering an unofficial partnership in a new relationship with Sophia Skoro. This news comes 2 years following his separation from his former wife and co-star Katie Maloney, in March 2022. Sophia Skoro, who is 18 years older than Schwartz has met him in an unplanned meeting at his famous Bar, TomTom, in the summer of 2023.

What Do We Know About Sophia Skoro?

Sophia Skoro, at the age of 23 has a unique background to the relationship. She earned an MBA at the University of Oregon in June 2022. After the graduation ceremony, Skoro moved from Portland to Los Angeles to kickstart her career in the fast-paced market. In the month of December, 2022, she joined Publicis the world’s most renowned marketing and advertising firm in which she works as a media consultant. Her primary responsibilities are designing and implementing campaigns for large clients such as TikTok.

How Did Schwartz and Skoro Meet?

Based on Schwartz during his interview on the podcast of Nick Viall “The Viall Files,” it was Skoro who first made the move. The initial meeting took place in a bizarre manner at the bar of Schwartz, TomTom. Schwartz described the encounter as an unplanned event, pointing out that there was no intention from his end to pursue younger women. The attraction was instantaneous and both were able to sense the same attraction, which led them to seek a relationship.

What Makes Their Relationship Special?

Schwartz has exuded praise for Skoro’s character during his appearances. In a conversation of Access Hollywood in April 2024 Schwartz remarked on her intelligence, charisma and unorthodox style of humor, saying, “She’s way cooler than me.” This admiration is an important factor in their relationship. Despite their different ages they have shown that their bond and maturity surpass years, and instead focusing on understanding and respect.

How Are They Handling Their Relationship?

The two Schwartz and Skoro seem as if they are taking a slow but slow pace to the relationship. As Schwartz said they’re happy to get familiar with each other well without hurrying through the phases in their relationships. This slow pace hints at the desire to create something that will last, by learning from their past experiences while focusing on building the development of a healthy, mutually supportive relationship.


Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro’s partnership brings together two very different realms – reality television fame, and a rapidly growing marketing career. Despite the possible challenges presented by their celebrity status and age gap their approach to life demonstrates an experienced and rooted approach to build a long-lasting relationship. Their story highlights the unpredictable nature of love as well as the possibilities that arise when two people come together in the right conditions. As they navigate their relationship it will be interesting to observe how their relationship develops and how they handle the integration of their personal and professional lives.

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