location scouting

how to explore new locations

Cover photo by: Gabor Nagy photography When I started landscape photography, I often went home with bad pictures; sometimes they were blurry, other times they overexposed, or the composition was not strong enough. Sound familiar? Landscape photography can be overwhelming if you are just

Location scouting is an essential step in photography. I used to think that pro landscape photographers always get lucky.  How could they have perfect pictures all the time? I mean, look at Erin Babnik’s pictures. She has a splendid portfolio. The truth is they

In this article, I am going to mainly talk about our landscape photography journey in the High Tatras. How we have found a great spot to photograph the sunrise. So, first of all, it’s not my first visit to this region of the Tatras

I have always loved to photograph charming waterfalls. Even the forest is very peaceful itself, but with a waterfall or a stream, it becomes even more special. We have found an interesting place, Ysperklamm waterfalls to share with you guys. Ysperklamm Get directions here.