Sushin Shyam, Age, Bio, Early Life, Career, Awards & Personal Life

Sushin Shyam, one of India’s premier music directors, has made notable contributions to both Tamil and Malayalam film industries through his unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles – making him an in-demand composer in South Indian cinema.

What Does Sushin Shyam Define as His Early Musical Experiences?

Born and educated in Kerala – known for its rich musical legacy – Sushin Shyam discovered music at an early age, taking an immediate passion to it that eventually lead him into formal studies at Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University of Hyderabad and earning himself his degree. That momentous achievement proved pivotal to building his musical career.

How did Sushin Shyam start his film music career?

Sushin Shyam made his move from academia to Chennai – the center of South Indian filmmaking – where he began working as an assistant composer to various established music directors in this thriving filmmaking hub. Here he gained invaluable insight into film scoring and song composition within this industry before debuting as lead composer on “Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings,” an film which allowed him to showcase both local musical sensibilities with contemporary soundscapes.

What Are Some Notable Films Scored by Sushin Shyam?

Since his debut, Sushin has scored for several successful films since 2017. One such work was his contribution to 2017 film Maanagaram which earned critical acclaim with its captivating narrative and equally thrilling musical score, followed by 2018 family drama Kadaikutty Singam which garnered great acclaim establishing himself in Tamil film industry and one that earned Vijay Music Award as Best Music Director (Ethir Neechal 2018).

What Projects Have Sushin Shyam Overseen Recently?

Sushin composed music for “Asuran,” an international commercial success and critical darling, earning critical acclaim for its powerful soundtrack that perfectly fit its intense storyline. Next he worked on “Jagame Thandhiram” featuring popular actor Dhanush; here his adaptability and innovation shone through in its variety of musical styles presented. Additionally he is involved with multiple projects planned for release within 2021, such as Vijay Sethupathi starrer “Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir.”

What Awards Has Sushin Shyam Received?

Sushin Shyam earned widespread critical acclaim and eventually took home the Vijay Music Award for Best Music Director with “Ethir Neechal”, further attesting to his talent as a composer. Furthermore, his soundtrack from Kadaikutty Singam earned a nomination at Filmfare Award’s Tamil section Best Music Director category; further solidifying him as one of South India film industry’s premier composers.

How Has Sushin Shyam Impacted the Music Industry?

Sushin Shyam’s influence extends far beyond just soundtrack composition. His unique approach melding ethnic musical instruments with electronic beats has revolutionised the soundtrack industry and elevated film soundtracks across South India, not just increasing narrative but elevating cinematic experience as a result. Sushin’s work not only enhances story but elevates cinematic experience as well, cementing him firmly as one of South India’s key figures in film music development.

Conclusion Sushin Shyam’s journey from music student to celebrated composer is one of passion, perseverance and innovation. His contributions not only enhanced each film he worked on but have had an outsized effect on Indian film music overall. With several projects lined up and an ever-expanding repertoire awaiting release in 2018, Sushin Shyam remains an artist worth keeping an eye out for over time.

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