Sunil Chhetri Net Worth, Career, Wiki, Bio & Car Collection!

As the curtain draws to the end of his international football career Sunil Chhetri The world of football takes a moment to consider his legacy as one of the country’s most renowned footballers. The final game of the national team scheduled for Kuwait during 2026’s FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2026 In this article, we look at the different aspects of Chhetri’s legendary career, his contribution to Indian football, as well as his life outside of the field.

How Did Sunil Chhetri Begin His Football Journey?

Born on the 3rd of August 1984 located in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Sunil Chhetri’s football career was inspired by his family’s experience in military service and sports. His first foray into professional football was at City Club Delhi in 2001. From humble beginnings Chhetri’s professional trajectory took off and he became the most prominent figure in Indian football.

What Has Been the Impact of Chhetri’s Career on Indian Football?

The impact of Chhetri’s name his impact on Indian football is massive. In his 19 years, he’s worn the national shirt with pride and has achieved remarkable successes. After scoring his debut international strike in the year 2005 He has since become an integral part of the team. His leadership, both on as well off of the pitch, along with his steady scoring skills has earned the player an impressive six AIFF Players of the Awards of the Year.

Chhetri has played an important contribution to the popularity of football in India which is a nation in which cricket is the most watched sports. His commitment and performance have created a new generation footballers in India raising the profile and professionalism of the game in the nation.

What are the highlights of Chhetri’s International Career?

Sunil Chhetri’s professional career is filled with many unforgettable moments. He has not only been vital in crucial games and games, but his ability be able to perform under pressure has frequently changed the game in favor of India. Chhetri’s leadership has been crucial to India’s performances at different international competitions, including in the AFC Asian Cup.

What Does Chhetri’s Endorsement Portfolio Look Like?

Outside of the playing surface, Sunil Chhetri has also established himself as a well-known figure in the world of sports endorsements. His affiliation with big brands such as Pepsi, Puma, Tata Motors and Iodex will speak volumes about his popularity and marketability. In the year 2019, the actor signed a three-year contract with Puma and, in the year 2020, he was Twelfth Man’s face. fantasy football game website Twelfth Man. The endorsements have greatly increased his earnings, and helped establish him as an influential sportsperson on the corporate scene.

What Are Some Key Assets in Chhetri’s Car Collection?

A car enthusiast Chhetri has an assortment of cars like the Audi A6 (Rs56 lakh), Toyota Fortuner (Rs47 lakh), Kia Seltos (Rs16 lakh) as well as the Mahindra Scorpio (Rs14 lakh). These vehicles not only reflect his taste, but also his performance both in and out of the field.


While Sunil Chhetri prepares to bid goodbye to international football his reputation being one of the top athletes in the time of Indian sport is indisputable. The path he took from the slums in Delhi into becoming a nation-wide legend is an example of his commitment, talent and impact. The game that’s coming up against Kuwait isn’t an end-of-season celebration but rather an opportunity to celebrate a memorable career that has profoundly changed the face of Indian football.

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