Shania Twain American Idol, What Happened On “American Idol’ This Sunday?

The Top 8 contestants of “American Idol“, performed songs from the year in which they were born. The stage was a riot of styles and genres. From the pop-punk sounds of the late ’90s to country music of the early 2000s. Music legend Shania Twain, who was in attendance, offered her guidance to the contestants. She guided them toward sound musical choices, and sometimes away from potential mistakes.

What did the contestants do?

Kayko, a 21-year old from the Philippines, was one of those who took on a bold approach. She attempted to turn Britney Spears’ pop hit “Oops !…I did it again” into a rendition that resembled “Bohemian Rhapsody.” After facing criticism the week before, Kayko made this bold move. It seemed to ignite a new flame in her performance.

Abi Carter performed Coldplay’s 2003 song “Clocks”, a performance that was captivating. She received a Platinum Ticket earlier in the year. Abi Carter began her performance in the audience. She interacted with the crowd by touching hands, and maintained a strong voice control throughout the entire performance.

Emmy Russell showed a confident side, after appearing nervous in previous rounds. Her version of Blink-182’s “All the Small Things” surprised many, with its light and melodic approach. This contrasted sharply with the pop-punk original energy of the song.

Who Stood Out?

Kayko also gave a powerful performance, displaying an almost uncontrollable zeal. He followed up his risky selection with Wheatus’s “Teenage Dirtbag,” setting a high standard for the evening. Emmy’s storytelling style was overshadowed by Kayko, as his energy was so vibrant.

What can we expect next?

As the competition heats up, contestants are pushing their limits, exploring new musical styles and engaging with the audience more. Shania Twain, a veteran in the industry, is a great help to them as she helps them improve their stage presence and performances. The contestants will be performing even more dynamically in the next round. They may also choose some surprising songs.


The current season of “American Idol”, with its unique contestants, continues to be an exciting display of new talent. The performances become more polished as the competition gets closer. Both fans and judges are anticipating the next performance of these talented singers as they compete for the title.


What are the top 8 contestants for “American Idol 2024”?

The top 8 contestants include Triston Harper (above), Julia Gagnon (above), Abi Carter (above), Mckenna Breinholt (above), Will Moseley and Emmy Russell.

What was the role of Shania Twain in this episode?

Shania Twain mentored the contestants. She helped them to make music choices and guided them during their performances.

What has been the response of the audience to the performances?

The audience was very responsive, especially for performances that demonstrated significant growth or interpretations unique to classic songs. The interaction between contestants and audience members has been an important highlight of the live performances.

What’s next for the contestants

The contestants will face new challenges as the competition advances, such as theme nights and song selections that are more complex. The contestants’ ability to innovate and adapt will be crucial to their success.

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