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Sam Rubin, the renowned anchor for entertainment as well as reporter of KTLA at Los Angeles, passed away unexpectedly, aged 64. His passing on Friday was surprise to fans, colleagues and the entire entertainment industry. The influential career of Rubin spanned three decades and made him a well-known persona and the trusted voice behind some of the biggest Hollywood stories.

Who was Sam Rubin?

The native of San Diego, Sam Rubin started his famed career following his graduation at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He joined the morning news crew of KTLA in 1991, and soon became a well-known person in the field of entertainment journalism. Rubin was well-known for his energetic and uplifting interviews that were conducted at the anchor desk and his appearance at premier red carpets and movie events was a regular image for those who followed Hollywood events.

What was it that made Sam Rubin a beloved figure in the field of entertainment journalism?

Rubin’s approach to reporting on entertainment was marked by his genuine passion and deep appreciation of the art form and those who make them. His reports were more than only informative, they were informative, entertaining and frequently laced with humour and warmth. The style not only impressed the viewers, as well as the celebs who he interviewed, many who came to know his name on a first-name basis.

What was the impact of Rubin have an impact on the entertainment industry?

Through his entire career, his work was recognized with several awards in local newspaper journalism organizations as well as an award for lifetime achievement from the Southern California Broadcasters Association. His ability to communicate the human aspect of entertainment news has helped to deconstruct Hollywood and brought stars closer to those who loved them, and also changing how entertainment news is reported.

What are some of the most memorable memories from the career of Rubin?

One of his most memorable interviews was the one he conducted with the actress Jane Seymour, conducted just one day prior to his sudden death. Through his entire time in the industry, Rubin was able to talk with a range of individuals, ranging from new musicians to legendary names. Rubin’s interviews weren’t just about promoting the latest album but frequently touched on personal experiences and stories which made each interview different.

What is the reactions to the death of Sam Rubin?

Rubin’s passing was greeted with a flood of condolences from colleagues, stars, and viewers. Jamie Lee Curtis, an actress who worked with Rubin throughout her career she posted on Instagram for a post expressing her sorrow and praise Rubin’s unwavering passion for his work and his “light in his eyes” each morning when he began his day.


Sam Rubin’s history as a legendary figure in the field of entertainment journalism was characterized by his enthusiasm professionalism, his dedication, and the happiness he brought to both his viewers as well as his readers. The passing of Sam Rubin leaves a gap in the field of news entertainment, however his work will be influential to the field for many years to in the future.

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