Rafa Nadal Wife, It’s All About Wife Maria Francisca Perello

Mery Perello, who is better than her nickname “Xisca,” has been an integral aspect of the life of Rafael Nadal even before they became an international media phenomenon. The native of Mallorca, Spain, the identical island to Nadal, Perello has cultivated an unassuming but impressive professional and personal life. Perello attended an institution called the University of the Balearic Islands and completed her bachelor’s degree in management of business between 2006 and 2010. In addition to her studies in business management, she was a student at ESADE in Barcelona to pursue her postgraduate studies. She positioned her as an educated and motivated professional.

How Did Nadal and Perello’s Relationship Begin?

The love story of Rafael Nadal and Mery Perello can be a testimony to their an ongoing commitment to privacy and long-term engagement. After dating for 14 years prior to getting wed, the pair initially got together in their home town of Mallorca. The couple’s relationship developed over time, synchronizing with Nadal’s growth within the tennis world however, they were able to keep their relationship off the radar in the best way possible and embodied the ideals of a private life, secluded from public scrutiny.

What Can We Know About Their Engagement?

Nadal and Perello’s marriage was as secluded as their love story. They got married during an excursion to Rome, Italy, an occasion that only became widely publicized after it was reported by Hola! Spain. Even with the news of joy the Nadal’s staff was quick to counter false stories concerning the particulars about their marriage plans insuring their position on confidentiality as well as accuracy in relation to announcements made by personal friends.

Why Do Nadal and Perello Prefer Privacy?

Privacy has been a constant theme when discussing Rafael Nadal’s views on his private life. In numerous interviews, and even his public appearances, Nadal has expressed a wish to keep his personal life and family far from the ad-hoc coverage of his career. The idea was clearly illustrated by his remarks at the press conference held in June 2022, that Nadal and his wife would prefer to lead in a “low profile” life, in spite of his worldwide media fame.

How Has Mallorca Shaped Their Lives?

Both Nadal as well as Perello are deeply rooted in their home town of Mallorca Not just because of their own personal stories but because of their active participation in the community. Nadal’s participation was evident during the year 2018, after an incredibly devastating flood of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, Mallorca. Nadal was not only involved in cleaning up efforts, but was a part of the disaster since he lost friends who he knew, such as the cousin of a dear acquaintance. These events highlight the couple’s strong ties to and dedication to their local community.

What About Their Parenthood Journey?

In the fall of 2022, Nadal as well as Perello had their very first baby, a boy. It marked a brand new chapter in their life. The announcement that Perello was pregnant was announced by Nadal on June 20, 2022 in a press event, one of those rare occasions in which he speaks openly about his growing family. Their son’s arrival brings a whole new dimension of their life together which promises to increase the bonds they share as partners and, more recently, as parents.


Rafael Nadal and Mery “Xisca” Perello have a harmonious harmony that’s not seen often within the world of sporting stars. They are able to keep their life private and respectful as they share their joy to their followers around all over the world. When they take on the role of parents their lives continue to amaze and inspire, proving how even celebrities are able to keep a sense of privacy and normalcy amidst all the media attention.

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