Picture of Steve Harvey’s Wife, Family, Career & More

Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s relationship is an inspiring tale of love, perseverance and second chances that captures our imaginations. From humble beginnings and challenges to an amazing reunion, their tale unfolds like an extraordinary modern fairytale filled with personal and professional triumphs alike.

The Early Years and Challenges

Steve and Marjorie Harvey began their love story in 1987 at The Comedy Zone in Memphis. Steve, an up-and-coming comedian, fell instantly for Marjorie when she entered late and sat front row. Steve even joked during his set that one day he would marry Marjorie; unfortunately however, their initial romance only lasted one and a half years due to Steve’s troubled career and subsequent hardships such as homelessness for Steve.

Rekindling the Flame

Years after their separation, fate intervened again when Steve and Marjorie crossed paths through mutual friends in 2005 and this reconnection reignited their early spark. Steve had by then established himself as a television personality and comedian and was ready to embrace love once again; after dating for one year he proposed and they wed on June 25, 2007.

Marjorie Harvey: Fashion Maven and Influencer

Marjorie Harvey is not simply the wife of an influential TV personality; she is also a formidable force in fashion. After dropping out of the University of Memphis, Marjorie became immersed in this industry, attending shows across Hollywood to Paris. Her blog “The Lady Loves Couture,” established in 2007, showcases her expertise on living luxuriously on a budget while fashion tips and etiquette advice are featured therein. Furthermore, Marjorie Harvey Closet and Handbags further establish her status within this field.

A Blended Family

At Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s partnership, they have successfully navigated both their relationship as well as the challenges associated with being part of a blended family. Steve brings four children from his previous marriages into their union while Marjorie adds three children of her own to form one cohesive unit characterized by love and mutual respect – creating a family unit united in love and respect that fosters positive relationships within a supportive home environment.

Philanthropic Endeavors

This couple’s commitment to giving back is clearly seen through their Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. With educational seminars, mentorship opportunities, and international service opportunities specifically targeting youth outreach aimed at inspiring the next generation, this initiative stands as a testament to both of their shared values and dedication to community service.

Cultural Impact and Achievements

Steve Harvey has made a major cultural impact and accomplishment through his varied career, which encompasses television hosting (such as Family Feud) and authorship/entrepreneurship (act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man was released as a bestseller in 2009) as well as fashion blogging/Bloggership success with Marjorie; their partnership is truly a powerhouse duo.

Reflections on Love

In a touching letter published by Good Housekeeping, Steve Harvey candidly recounts their time together and the incredible effect Marjorie has had on him and his life. He credits her with being there during some of the hardest moments of his life while emphasizing their shared joy and fulfillment he has found together. Not only does this letter commemorate their love; but it also conveys Steve’s profound gratitude and appreciation towards Marjorie.

Looking Ahead

Steve and Marjorie Harvey remain true examples of a partnership rooted in mutual respect, shared passions, and unfaltering support. Their story encourages others to believe in second chances and the enduring power of love; together they serve as proof that life can indeed be an enjoyable journey shared with someone special.

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