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photography equipment checklist

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Photography equipment checklist


Each and every time we leave home to take photos, we worry about at least one thing… not to leave anything at home. So we created a photography equipment checklist for you to make sure you have packed all the photography gear you need.

Photography equipment checklist for a short trip nearby

  • Camera
  • Lenses (clean)
  • Battery (fully charged)
  • Lens cleaner set
  • Memory card (empty)
  • Tripod (check your tripod plate)
  • Filters
  • Raincoat

Additional gadgets for longer trips

  • Extra batteries (fully charged)
  • Extra memory cards (empty)
  • Battery charger
  • Sensor cleaner set (if foreseeably needed)

If you need to take a lighting set

  • Speedlights
  • Strobes
  • Batteries
  • Light modifiers
  • Mounts

I hope it will help you check your stuff before leaving home. And remember, it’s always better to check up on your items twice or more if needed.

If you any ideas what are missing from the list, please contact us or write it in a comment below…

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