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Last Sunday, Noel Gallagher and his family enjoyed an idyllic bank holiday lunch together in Notting Hill. The mood was light-hearted despite strained relationships within his clan – particularly between himself and brother Liam – and included Sarah McDonald (Noel’s wife) as well as Noel’s children for an unashamedly joyous family meal together.

Spotlight on Anais

At Noel Gallagher’s daughter Anais Gallagher is carving herself a name in modeling; at 17 she already makes headlines not only through modeling endeavors but also for attending public family gatherings with ease, which seems to bridge both aspects of her professional and personal lives.

Gallagher Scowl

At just nine years old, the youngest Gallagher child delighted the cameras with playful antics that contrasted dramatically to his more reserved demeanor post-meal, mimicking the famous Gallagher scowl. His transition from cheery to somber hilariously mimicked public personas often associated with Gallaghers as well as endearing family traits many fans find endearing.

Family Absences

Although the lunch was predominantly family, Liam Gallagher was notable by his absence, underscoring their ongoing familial rift and reigniting fan discussion surrounding Noel’s decision to perform with Blur’s Damon Albarn on The Graham Norton Show which caused additional tensions with Liam.

Twitter Outburst

Liam Gallagher’s unfiltered social media persona made clear his disappointment in Noel Albarn’s television appearance. On Twitter he voiced his displeasure over their collaboration he believed betrayed the historical rivalry between Oasis and Blur. This public outburst marked another chapter in an ongoing fight between his brothers that seems unlikely to end soon.

Unintentional Provocation

Within all the family and public drama surrounding Liam Gallagher, his son Lennon Gallagher unknowingly caused controversy when he appeared on the cover of Buffalo Zine wearing a Blur T-shirt. Although seemingly harmless at first glance, due to Oasis/Blur animosity it was widely perceived as provocative action; likely unintended by Lennon himself.


The Gallagher family continues to hold public attention through a unique combination of public appearances, personal dynamics and intergenerational talent. From simple family lunches and public spats, to their complex relationship dynamics which continue to fascinate audiences around the globe. All eyes remain fixed upon them while they navigate their complex relationships – all while eagerly awaiting what might happen next!

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