Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend, Get All Facts Here!

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is making headlines once more with his latest romantic connection together with Italian actress Vittoria Ceretti. The couple was recently seen in a high-profile party on the streets of Santa Monica, igniting rumors and speculation about their upcoming relationship. Here’s a thorough review of their latest outing as well as the history of these two famous people.

How Did Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti Spend Their Evening?

Leonardo DiCaprio, aged 49 along with 25-year-old Vittoria Ceretti were spotted enjoying the company of a couple at Giorgio Baldi, a well-known restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. According to people who know the two, it’s not their first visit to the elegant restaurant which is an old-fashioned favorite for DiCaprio. The restaurant was the perfect setting for a romantic and relaxed evening. Ceretti was from Italy being reported to be taking the lead in deciding on the menu, making sure that everyone in attendance could experience the authentic Italian food experience.

Who is Vittoria Ceretti?

Vittoria Ceretti is a well-known figure in the fashion world. At only 25, she has created a distinct niche in the modeling industry and has been seen on runways for the top fashion houses and appearing in major advertising campaigns. Her relationship to Leonardo DiCaprio adds a new dimension to her public image and ties her career in fashion and the glamorous scene that is Hollywood romance.

Past Relationships: Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid

Prior to his current relationship in Ceretti Leonardo DiCaprio was linked to a different model, Gigi Hadid. Their relationship, which lasted from September 2022 until Feb. 2023, became widely reported, but it was rumored to have faded away in time. Incredibly, Gigi Hadid as well as Vittoria Ceretti aren’t just acquaintances, but also friends. This gives a new dimension to DiCaprio’s choices of a couple.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s life is continuing to delight fans and media as well. Recent appearances by Vittoria Ceretti indicate a fresh romance in his story. Like always, DiCaprio manages to maintain the balance between his highly-publicized romantic adventures and his highly famed cinematic career that has been in the spotlight for many years.

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