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Making mugs and bowls isn’t just a hobby It’s a personal and creative process that ties the maker and the consumer in a subtle but profound manner. The shape of the bowl and the feeling in the hands, as well as the experience of using these items can greatly influence our daily routines and our interactions.

Why Choose Bowls Over Other Forms?

Bowls are all about sharing and giving. Their open and rounded shape remind us of hand-cupped hands that are willing to share anything they can. In contrast to a square plate which may appear harsh due to its sharp edges, bowls have an enveloping and soft design. It creates an atmosphere of warmth and abundance making it a preferred choice for those who are interested in connections and shared experiences.

How Does Shape Impact Our Perception of Tableware?

The design of the dishes can drastically alter the dining experience. Plates that are square, for instance may not always feel appealing because of its sharp angles as well as pronounced boundaries. However, more rounded forms such as bowls are perceived to be more inviting and nurturing. This isn’t just an aesthetic perception but deeply influences our subconscious connections with shapes and their significance.

What Role Did Family Influence Play in Crafting Preferences?

The family background plays an important part in shaping the preferences of a person’s crafter and their skills. For example the fact that you grew up with an aunt that was an excellent cookery tutor and an expert cook can greatly influence how one thinks about creating and valuing kitchenware. These childhood experiences, regardless of whether they are associated with strict rules about eating or the regular consumption of home-cooked meals, instill an understanding and appreciation of the culinary arts, even when one does not become a cook in their own right.

How Important is the Sensory Experience in Making Mugs?

When creating mugs, the experience is the most important factor. The dimensions of the edge, weight of the hand and the feel of the surface all affect the way a mug feels use. Since our lips are very sensitive, drinking from a mug can be an experience in itself that brings satisfaction and comfort. A mug that is perfect for us becomes an integral element of our daily routine, whether we are at work or sitting at home.


The art of making bowls as well as the making of mugs is deeply entwined with personal histories, aesthetic preferences as well as sensory experiences. These are not only objects of use, but also vessels for personal expression and connection. Each bowl or mug tells an experience, a piece of the creator’s life and goals and are more than tablesware.

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