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Kate Beckinsale was spotted with actor Matt Atwater in New York City. She is known for her role in the film “Underworld.” Atwater, who is known for his role in “Moments”, and Beckinsale have been seen together on Tuesday. This has sparked curiosity about their relationship.

What is the nature of Beckinsale’s relationship with Atwater?

According to sources close to the two celebrities, their relationship is purely platonic. An insider told PEOPLE that “They are friendly.” Nothing romantic is going on. This statement dispels rumors of a romance between the stars, and instead highlights a simple friendship.

What has Beckinsale been up to in her personal life?

Kate Beckinsale’s personal life has been quite dynamic over the last few years. Beckinsale is enjoying being single after her breakup with Canadian rapper Goody grace about two and half years ago. Grace and Beckinsale, who are both of a similar age, spent a short time together during the Pandemic.

Beckinsale also finalized her separation from Len Wiseman, a director who she had been in a relationship with for four years, in November 2019. She was previously in a long-term, committed relationship with actor Michael Sheen between 1995 and early 2003. Sheen and Beckinsale have a 24-year-old daughter together, Lily Sheen.

How does Beckinsale show her commitment to family?

Beckinsale’s recent tattoos are a testament to her commitment to her family. In August of last year, Beckinsale revealed two new arm tattoos, one for her daughter Lily and the other for Judy Loe. The tattoos are on the underside her forearm and read “mama”, in two different fonts. Beckinsale posted this touching gesture to social media. She described her daughter and mother as “the two that I’ll die and kill for,” showing her deep love and devotion for her family.


Kate Beckinsale and Matt Atwater’s outing in New York City last week seems like a case of old friends catching-up. Sources confirm that despite the public’s fascination with her romance, there is no romantic aspect to their relationship. Beckinsale is still very focused on her family as evidenced by her heartfelt tributes and her strong bond with her loved ones.

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