Is Dawn Staley Married To Lisa Boyer? Know All About Former WNBA Star

Dawn Staley stands out in women’s basketball as both an outstanding player and coach, having made her mark since 1996 as an ABL and later Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) professional – eventually being selected by Charlotte Sting for which she would eventually play professionally across several countries before eventually entering WNBA draft by Charlotte Sting in 1998. She began coaching professionally shortly thereafter.

Staley successfully transitioned from player to coach for South Carolina Gamecocks and led them to multiple national victories during his time as head coach, earning himself an impeccable reputation among college basketball coaches and strategists alike.

Who Is Lisa Boyer?

Lisa Boyer of Ogdensburg, New York has become one of the leading figures in women’s basketball over recent years. Since 2013 when she accepted an associate head coaching position with South Carolina Gamecocks as associate head coach; Lisa’s coaching has contributed greatly to their success both personally and collectively, earning recognition like induction into Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as an accolade of accomplishments by both parties involved.

What Is the Relationship Between Staley and Boyer?

Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer share an extraordinary professional relationship marked by mutual respect, shared goals and close collaboration as head coach and associate head coach of South Carolina Gamecocks respectively. Together their expertise have contributed immensely to this national power’s consistent performances and championship victories over time.

Are Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer Married?

There has been much speculation and no public evidence suggesting Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer are married, or romantically involved, yet these rumors seem to gain momentum thanks to tweets by Staley making light-hearted references such as saying they resembled “an old married couple”, suggesting this might indicate romantic ties; likely these remarks were more focused around how well their working relationship worked than anything personal between the pair.


Although Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer remain close as colleagues and are shaping the South Carolina Gamecocks with their combined expertise, any romantic speculation remains speculation at this time; any talk of marriage or romantic involvement remains solely conjectural and has not been corroborated with substantial evidence. Both continue focusing on their careers by cultivating winning teams while cementing themselves as industry leaders within women’s basketball.

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