Harrison Butker Speech, What Did Harrison Butker Say?

During a commencement speech at Benedictine College on May eleven, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker sparked large controversy together with his comments addressing younger women and men. Butker’s speech covered strong opinions on abortion, in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, and societal roles of ladies and men. His remarks have been seen as direct and tough, mainly his assertion to the female graduates, wherein he claimed they have been subjected to the most “diabolical lies.”

How Did Social Media React?

The reaction on social media was speedy and polarized. Critics, consisting of outstanding nearby figures like former Kansas City commissioner Justice Horn, denounced Butker’s statements. Horn emphasised that Butker’s views do no longer constitute the inclusive spirit of Kansas City, especially in the direction of the LGBTQ+ network. Additionally, a response from OutSports highlighted an example where Butker quoted Taylor Swift, criticizing it as a part of a broader message that appeared to endorse traditional gender roles.

What Are the Implications of Butker’s Speech?

The implications of Butker’s speech amplify beyond the instantaneous backlash. It raises questions about the position of public figures in societal debates, specially those associated with deeply private problems like reproductive rights and gender roles. Furthermore, the incident has stirred discussions at the appropriateness of such subjects in graduation speeches, which can be generally celebratory and inspirational events.

Was There Any Support for Butker’s Views?

While the backlash became distinguished, there may be also a section of supporters who believe Butker’s perspectives. These supporters accept as true with that Butker became standing up for what he sees as ethical truths, and admire his willingness to talk on what they view as critical issues, notwithstanding capability criticism.


Harrison Butker’s graduation speech at Benedictine College was marked by means of controversy, reflecting a divide in societal views on gender roles and reproductive rights. The backlash underscores the sensitivity of those subjects and the capability effects for public figures who choose to interact in those debates publicly. The incident serves as a reminder of the various perspectives that exist on these complicated issues and the demanding situations in addressing them in public boards.

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