Dji app interface manual

1.System status
Indicates the aircraft flight status and display various warning messages

2.Battery indicator
Basically, this displays how long you can fly. The green line indicates how much time you have left. The yellow says when you should return home. The red line indicates you need to return home immediately.

3.Flight mode
The text indicates the current flight mode

4.GPS Signal Strength
Shows the current GPS signals. White bars indicate adequate GPS strength 

5.Vision system status
A green icon means the corresponding vision system is available. A red icon means the system is unavailable.

6.Remote control signal
This icon shows the strength of the remote control signal. If the icon is blinking there is some interference.

7.HD video link signal strength
This shows the strength of the downlink connection between your aircraft and the remote controller

8.Battery setting/percentage
Shows the current battery level

9.General settings
Tap to enter to the general settings

The sensitivity level of your sensor

The current shutter speed

The aperture level of the lens

13.Exposure value
Exposure value (EV) is a number that represents a combination of a camera’s shutter speed and f-number 

14.White balance
Indicates the current white balance

15.Video or Photo resolution
Displays the photo or the video resolution

16.Storage capacity
Indicates the size of your storage

Displays the current focus/metering settings

18.Auto exposure lock
Tap to lock the exposure value

19.Photo/Video Toggle
You can switch between photo or video mode

20.Gimbal slider
Displays the gimbal tilt angle

21.Shoot/Record button
Tap to start capturing photos or videos

22.Camera settings
In this setting, you can change the ISO shutter or switch to auto exposure. You can also select shooting modes or access the general settings.

Tap to preview your photos or videos

24.Aircraft vertical speed
Indicates how fast your aircraft goes vertically

25.Aircraft horizontal speed
Indicates how fast your aircraft goes horizontally

26.Aircraft distance from the home point
Show how far your aircraft is from the home point.

27.Height from the home point
This is how high you are from the home point. You shouldn’t fly higher than 120 meters.

This is pretty straightforward, it shows where is your drone on the map. And if you lose sight of your aircraft it can be a lifesaver to navigate back.

29.Intelligent flight modes
You can access the intelligent flight modes here

30.Smart return to home
Tap this if you want your drone to return to the home point automatically.

31.Auto takeoff/Landing


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