Diddy Beating Cassie Video, Get Complete Details Here!

In March of this year an incident that was reported to be disturbing occurred involving the singer-songwriter Sean “Diddy” Combs and his ex-girlfriend Cassie her true name is Casandra Ventura. A video surveillance footage that was recently discovered and published by CNN is said to show a fight with Combs with Cassie in an hotel. According to the the footage shows Combs is seen pushing Cassie and then move her away from the camera’s sight.

What Are the Legal Accusations Against Combs?

Cassie has filed serious allegations towards Sean Combs through a federal lawsuit that was filed in November that was eventually settled within days of its filing. In the complaint, Cassie alleges over a decade of sexual and physical assault. She alleges that Combs assaulted, raped and kicked, beat, and repeatedly stomped on her throughout their relationship. Additionally she claims that Combs to have manipulated her into their relationship and taking control of everything in her life ever since she started the career she is now under his monikers.

What Specific Incidents Did Cassie Describe?

One of the major areas of Cassie’s accusations is an incident that took place at an Los Angeles hotel in 2016. The incident was described by Cassie as one in which Combs who was drunk, struck her face, which resulted in the appearance of a black eye. The argument escalated after Combs chased Cassie through the hotel’s hallway shouting in her face and throwing glass bottles at her that shattered when she ran into an elevator.

What Is the Status of the Criminal Investigation?

According to the most recent updates there is an broader criminal investigation that involves Combs. According to the sources quoted by NBC the federal authorities in Manhattan have questioned several people including three women and one man, regarding allegations of sexual assault, and distribution of illegal narcotics as well as firearms. Despite these investigations, there are no legal or civil liability has been determined against Combs to date. His legal team has indicated that Combs is determined to clean his name from the allegations.


These allegations against Sean “Diddy” Combs are serious and have attracted large media and public attention. Although the legal proceedings been settled in one instance, ongoing criminal investigations indicate that this case is complex that could have a wide-ranging impact. While Combs persists in defending his innocence his legal and public examination is likely to go on as more information and evidence come to the light.

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