DeWanna Bonner Wife, Meet WNBA Couple, All About

DeWanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas’ engagement since July 2023 symbolizes not only personal journey, but also professional excellence on court. Engaged as spouses since July, their union provides insight into both aspects of growth.

DeWanna Bonner has established herself as one of the premier players in WNBA basketball since her professional debut as an Arizona Mercury rookie player back in 2009. While at Mercury she helped secure two WNBA Championship titles. Also during that period she met Candice Dupree – her longtime love interest who would later become one of DeWanna’s former partners in life and in career!

Bonner took an intimate approach with her previous relationship before opening up about their engagement publicly, showing she has evolved as she handles personal matters under public scrutiny.

What motivates Alyssa Thomas?

Alyssa Thomas took an opposite approach, opting to remain private about personal matters from its inception. When the two decided to go public about their relationship it spoke volumes for how comfortable she felt with Bonner – it also demonstrated his trustworthiness as she made headlines with 10 points, 1.5 assists and 5.1 rebounds average in her debut season with Connecticut Sun! Drafted 4th overall by New York Liberty but quickly traded over, Thomas has shown phenomenal performance both on the court as an NBA rookie then as Connecticut Sun’s 4th overall pick in 2015 (she made history when being traded from New York Liberty by then-GM saga!). Drafted 4th overall by New York Liberty only before quickly trading to Connecticut Sun she has gone from strength to glory on court too – her performance displaying 10 points, 1.5 assists and 5.1 rebounds per game which she set as she prepared her for years ahead.

Thomas was initially successful playing soccer as a child. Unfortunately due to weather and time demands she decided to switch over to basketball despite some initial resistance; eventually finding her true calling. Her mother recounts these stories of Thomas’ journey toward finding true joy through this sport.

How has Connecticut Sun helped?

Connecticut Sun made an effective move when they acquired Alyssa Thomas as they saw her addition as key in improving performance, especially rebounding – an essential facet of basketball. ESPN analyst Rebecca Lobo applauded Thomas and Chiney Ogwumike’s impactful duo contribution towards strengthening team dynamics.

What Affiliations Does Bonner Hold Off-Tennis?

Bonner values her role as mother above all else, with 2017 pregnancy coinciding with an extended absence from basketball providing new insights. Watching games unfold from faraway gave new appreciation of career while showing the fleeting nature of professional sport; also this period marked an inflection point in her personal life with Dupree leaving and leading up to Thomas being engaged as soon as she returned from leave from basketball.

How Have Bonner and Thomas Fared Join Forced Together?

Bonner and Thomas not only share life together but have found mutual understanding on and off of the court as top athletes navigating life’s many tribulations – an experience shared between top-tier athletes as well as in their personal lives that only enhances their chemistry as one of the premier duos of WNBA basketball. Their engagement in July 2023 signified both comfort and understanding between themselves – setting an excellent basis for growth both personally and professionally.

What Does the Future Hold for Us as Couples?

Bonner and Thomas remain role models of resilience and partnership both on and off the court, their story being an inspiring example to all WNBA community and fans alike. Each game, they strive to add another chapter in their legacy while building trust through privacy, confidentiality and mutual respect – something which all watch eagerly while setting new milestones both professionally and personally and demonstrating the power of unity on all fronts.

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