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Derrick Lewis, famously known as “The Black Beast,” is an impressive figure of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight division. With a which has seen him win 26 times and lose 11 Lewis is not only admired for his power and explosive knockouts, but as well for his witty and empathetic personality outside of the Octagon. This article focuses on Derrick Lewis’s life and career. Derrick Lewis, highlighting his experience in mixed martial arts (MMA) and his daily life as a father.

Who is Derrick Lewis?

Growing up within New Orleans, Louisiana, Derrick Lewis embarked on his professional MMA career following a series of legal and personal battles. He is known for his formidable fight style and endurance, Lewis quickly made a name for himself in the UFC. The ability to win fights with spectacular knockouts has been a huge hit with fans and a respected name in the heavyweight division.

What Defines Derrick Lewis’s Fighting Style?

Lewis’s style of fight is defined by his incredible knockout power and his aggressive style. He frequently utilizes his strength and size to dominate his opponents, which can lead to stunning finishers. Even when he is fighting skilled fighters Lewis’s brute strength is often the key aspect in his wins.

The Gentle Giant Off the Octagon

Beyond the ferocity of the cage Derrick Lewis is a dedicated father and husband. He is married to April Davis, with whom there are 3 children. Lewis acknowledges that his family is the primary reason for his prosperity and stability. The relationship he has with his wife April is especially important, giving him help through the many challenges and ups in his professional life.

How Did Derrick Lewis and April Davis Meet?

The love story that unfolds between Derrick Lewis and April Davis is both unique and charming. Introduced by Derrick’s cousin Kendrick the connection between them was instant, although it was a little funny. When they first spoke on the phone, Derrick humorously insisted April look up the details of his Myspace profile to better understand his humor and his personality. This unusual start was the beginning of an intimate and long-lasting relationship.

April Davis: Derrick’s Rock

April Davis has been a source of strength for Derrick particularly during the most challenging moments. In the face of controversy or with the demands of a high-profile sporting career April’s presence and support has been an ongoing resource of support for Lewis. Her unwavering support has proven vital in aiding Derrick keep his focus and calm both inside and outside of the Octagon.

Impact of Family on Derrick’s Career

Derrick is open about the huge impact his family has had in his professional and personal life. The peace and security that he gets from his family life has helped him navigate the many challenges of being an athlete in the professional world. Being an affluent father and husband is a privilege he values deeply and often thinks about the ways in which his family has influenced him to become an athlete and a better person.


Derrick Lewis’s story of MMA is an incredible tale of strength, resilience and change. He is known for his sexy appearance in the boxing ring, his life beyond the ring is a tale of a man whose life is defined by his family and humour. Lewis is still a role model for people both as a fighter as well as a man of the family showing that even the most tough fighters aren’t without a side.

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