Brandon Mcmanus Net Worth, Know All About of Brandon Mcmanus!

Brandon McManus is not just another name in the NFL He is among the most reliable placekickers in the league. Born in July of 1991 within Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, McManus’s career as a professional footballer started with North Penn High School located in Towamencin Township. His first-rate skills on the field prompted him to join the college football team in Temple University, where he created a lasting impression setting the record at the school for the highest number of points in his career, with 338.

What is Brandon Mcmanus’s Net Worth?

Brandon McManus, an American professional football player is estimated to have a net worth of around $6 million. He was born in the year 1991 and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he established himself on the NFL despite not being drafted. McManus began his professional career by joining the Indianapolis Colts in 2013 and has been an integral participant for the Denver Broncos since 2014. His financial status is enhanced due to his NFL contracts as well as his position as a vital player for the team.

How Did McManus Start His Professional Career?

Despite his stellar college career, Brandon McManus entered the NFL without the pomp and circumstance of a draft selection. The year 2013 saw him was signed as a free agent who was not drafted for the Indianapolis Colts. However, his time as a player with the Colts was brief when he was released before the start of the season. His challenges weren’t enough to discourage him, they just motivated him to be successful.

What Was His Path to the Denver Broncos?

His talent attracted the attention of his fellow players from the New York Giants, with which he participated in the preseason. McManus’s performances were enough to garner attention within the NFL community. Soon the moment of truth came. McManus was a part of the Denver Broncos, recognizing his ability, traded McManus in the same year. The trade marked the start of an important chapter in McManus’s playing career as well as the Broncos special teams plan.

What are McManus’s notable accomplishments in the Broncos?

Since his arrival with as a player with the Broncos, Brandon McManus has proved to be an essential player. His consistency and ability was evident in particular during the 2015 season as Brandon McManus was instrumental in helping the team win their first AFC Championship. His performance were not only instrumental in the team’s accomplishment on the field, as well, but earned him personal praises and awards, including getting named as The AFC Special Teams Player of the Month in October of 2015.

How Has McManus Contributed to the Broncos’ Success?

McManus’ contributions to the Broncos aren’t limited to his scoring. His ability to play well under pressure and produce consistent results has made him a vital part of the team’s plan. Field goals from him have often been crucial in games that were close and have made him an indispensable player in difficult situations. The time he has spent with the Broncos has not been just about personal records, but it has also been about contributing to the overall success of the team.


Brandon McManus’s life is a testimony to his resilience and ability. From a rookie who was not drafted to an acclaimed NFL star, his career is a testament to dedication and hard work. His records-setting performances at Temple set the foundation for a solid career however it was his continued growth and consistency in the NFL that defined his career. In his current role with the Denver Broncos, his legacy as a crucial player on Special Teams is established. The story of his career is not only about the points he racks up but also about the reliability and dedication he shows the team.

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