Bill Belichick Girlfriend, Get All Facts Here!

After more than 16 years of marriage, Bill Belichick, the legendary coaching director for the New England Patriots, and his longtime love, Linda Holliday, have separated ways. The breakup, reported by an insider to PEOPLE it was not sudden but was rather the conclusion of the relationship which “ran its course.” The pair, who began dating in 2007 were living separate lives for some time prior to the breakup.

The root of the issue, according to the insider, is around Belichick’s fervent devotion to the game and his determination to maintain a low-profile in his private life. His concentration on his professional life did not allow for the public aspect of his relationships with family and friends which contributed to the demise of the relationship.

How Did Their Professional Lives Intertwine?

Linda Holliday’s job as president of the Bill Belichick Foundation adds a dimension more complexity split. Her role within the foundation, closely interwoven with the professional life of Belichick and work, means that the separation goes beyond personal boundaries and into the realm of professional. The overlap is said to have caused the separation process to become more complex as they work through their personal and professional lives.

Where are They Now?

As a tangible indication of his move on, Belichick has purchased a house in Jupiter the state of Florida. This is Linda’s home and just a few miles of Palm Beach where the couple first began their relationship. This could be a sign of Belichick’s determination to begin the next chapter of his life, even though it is close to the same areas. However, Linda continues to have strong connections to Boston and Boston, where her twins, Ashley Kat Hess and Ashley Kat Hess reside. They also have an official Instagram account.


The breakup between Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday signifies the end of a lengthy relationship that was marked by numerous football seasons as well as personal landmarks. While their relationship as a couple is over, their professional implications as well as their common history suggest that their paths could continue to cross paths in the near future.

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