Barbara Beck, Get All Facts Here!

Barbara Ann Beck, a loved person in her Madison, South Dakota community died aged 71, on the 26th of January 2024 following a brief fight with cancer. Her life, full of affection, love for family and devotion, leaves an indelible tradition that’s cherished by those who loved her.

Who was Barbara Ann Beck?

Born to the Oswald family, Barbara grew up with an intense feeling of belonging and community. She spent her childhood in Madison which she would later be able to call her home for the rest of her life. Barbara was introduced to her love, Randall Curtis Beck, in 1972. The couple got married on March 3 in 1973 in Christ The King Church in Sioux Falls. Their union was blessed by two children: Jennifer from 1973, and Russell in the year 1980.

Barbara’s life was shaped with her roles of a caring mother, wife and grandmother. Barbara was renowned for her warm personality her smile that was warm and welcoming, as well as her capacity to make anyone who was around her feel loved and special.

What were the most significant moments in her life?

Barbara and Randall’s journey was a journey through various South Dakota towns including Freeman and Flandreau and finally settling in Madison in the year 1978. This was where Barbara had the most profound impression in her role as a fellow community member as well as a key figure within her family.

Her life was full of tender moments, committed by her children, husband and grandkids. Barbara was more than a source of warmth and love for her family members, but as well to the larger community by volunteering in various roles she performed.

What did Barbara help her community?

Barbara’s dedication for her family was apparent through her active involvement in local organizations and events. She frequented community centers where she was a volunteer for a variety of local charities. She also played a crucial role in arranging community gatherings. Her efforts were not just valued by those who she assisted but was also a role model for civic participation and a sense of community.

Who will be left behind Barbara?

Barbara’s legacy will be carried by her husband, Randy and their two daughters, Jennifer (married to Chad Andersen) and Russell (married to Amanda Beck). Barbara also leaves behind beloved grandkids Kayla (Steven) Leggett, Caitlyn, Mia, and Gage Daniel Andersen.

Their siblings Kris Kindred (Bill Campbell), Kay Smith (Charlie Page), Ruth Gilge, and her brothers Pat, Dave, and Rob Oswald (Teri Roest) are still able to remember her as a sister who was more than just a close friend.


Barbara Ann Beck’s journey was filled with determination and awe. Her contribution towards her loved ones and the community leave a lasting impression that will be treasured and remembered by everyone. Her generosity and compassion will continue to inspire all who were lucky enough to meet her.

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