Peter Ujvari

Peter Ujvari is the editor and co-founder of Shutterture. He started dealing with photography in 2012. By now, he became a versatile photographer acting in different areas.

With this article, I’m giving you an insight into how I do food photography. I am sharing the story of the beginnings, the process flow, and the used techniques, and some ideas on how I improve food photos. A bit of history In 2014,

To emphasize the subject of our photo, we use different techniques. I have collected some of these methods, tricks, and ideas to give you a little inspiration. Forewords One of the main purposes of taking photos is to show something. It can be a

Adjusting your camera settings in certain situations may take some time to think through. Here is a guide for you on how to approach this issue and we are providing you possible camera settings combinations as well. When I started dealing with photography I spent

In this article, I’m explicating my thoughts on keeping the naturalness of nature photos and the importance of considering the whole image and the natural relations of the elements during a natural post-process flow. Before I get into the topic I’d like to tell

Each and every time we leave home to take photos, we worry about at least one thing… not to leave anything at home. So we created a photography equipment checklist for you to make sure you have packed all the photography gear you need.

In 2015, we explored the High Tatras and some other places nearby and now we’ll be sharing our experience with you. We’ll be talking about our equipment, how we planned the jaunt, the places we visited, and the obstacles we were facing during this

A few years ago, I wrote an article on how to take sharp landscape photos, since sometimes, getting the sharpest result can be a bit harder than we think. Reviewing the images on a larger display, like a computer, we can realize that the

When we like to take some awesome photos of the clear and full-of-stars sky, we should find a dark place not to let light pollution ruin our images. But, what is light pollution? Actually, it is inappropriate artificial light caused by different settlements, cities,