Arthur Cazaux Age, Achievements, Career, Earnings & More!

Arthur Cazaux, a professional tennis player from Montpellier, France, is fast climbing the ranks of the tennis world. Born on the 23rd of August 2002 Cazaux is a player with a intense passion and commitment to the game from a young age. He began playing tennis when just three years old. frequently playing against a wall because his family was not familiar of the sport.

What Are His Recent Achievements?

As of May 2024 Arthur Cazaux has reached a record-setting singles rank at World No. 74. This milestone was reached in March 2024. It demonstrates his constant improvement and determination in the courts. His success includes 3 singles Challenger titles. Most recently, these wins was in the 2024 Open Nouvelle Caledonie, adding to his previous successes at events such as his 2022 Nonthaburi Challenger.

How Has He Performed in Grand Slams?

Cazaux’s talents were clearly displayed during his 2024 Australian Open, where he made it to 4th round. This was his highest performance at a grand slam to date, indicating the possibility of making more impressive runs at the most important tennis tournaments. The win over Tallon Griekspoor during the tournament was an unforgettable experience that demonstrated his capability to face difficult opponents.

Who Guides His Career?

Behind every good athlete is a superb coach. For Arthur Cazaux, that coach is Stephane Huet. An ex- French professional player in tennis, Huet played in 16 grand Slams in his career, and made it to his second-round of 1999’s Australian Open. His knowledge and experience can be invaluable to Cazaux in helping make him a formidable player on the international scene.

What is Cazaux’s Social Media Presence?

Arthur Cazaux is also active on social media, interacting with his followers and sharing photos from his personal and professional life. He has a large followership of followers on Instagram under the name @arthurcazauxoff. More than 117,000 followers follow his account. In addition his presence is on X (formerly Twitter) under the username @ArthurCazaux is awash with 1.76 million users, which shows his increasing popularity and reach.

What is His Earnings From Tennis?

In accordance with the ATP official website according to the official website of ATP, as of the month of May 2024, Arthur Cazaux has earned $845,349 in prize money during his tennis career as a professional. This is a testimony to his accomplishments and the financial benefits which come from rising through the ranks of an intense sport.

How Tall is Arthur Cazaux?

Arthur Cazaux stands at an impressive height of 183 centimeters (6 feet). His size and stature allow him to cover court effectively and also adds strength to his serve and groundstrokes that are essential to his game.


Arthur Cazaux is proving to be one of the most intriguing young tennis stars of the moment. With a top 100 ranking with numerous Challenger titles and an impressive victory during the Australian Open, his career path is set for future success. Under the direction of Stephane Huet, and with the backing of his expanding fans, Cazaux is well on his path to becoming a renowned player in the world of professional tennis. His path from kicking tennis balls against the wall of Montpellier to a place on the international stage isn’t just inspirational but also a clear sign of his dedication and passion for the sport.

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