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Angelica Chua Mandanas, a name that is synonymous with dedication, and service, is a perfect example of the ideals that were instilled into her by a family that was deeply involved in the professional and political spheres and public service in Ibaan, Batangas. With parents who excelled in their respective fields – her father was an ophthalmologist and her mother judge Maria Cecilia Austria Chua, as the Batangas City’s executive judge–Angelica’s growing up was awash in the spirit of community as well as public service.

Who is Angelica Chua Mandanas?

Born into a family that has an extensive political heritage, Angelica Chua Mandanas has seamlessly merged her professional goals alongside her heritage as a family member. Her academic experience is a testimony to her determination and drive to achieve excellence. As a 2015 graduate from Ateneo de Manila University with the Juris Doctor degree, Angelica did not waste time in establishing her expertise in the field of law. In 2016 she not only had was admitted into the Philippine Bar, but she was also able to pass each of the Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Appraiser License Examinations, demonstrating her flexibility and dedication to furthering her knowledge in the field.

What Has Been Her Impact in the Legal Field?

Since her accession as a barrister, Angelica has been a prominent figure in the field of law. Her work, which is characterized by a sharp mind and a constant pursuit of justice, is a reflection of her deeply-rooted values of integrity and respect. Her ability to manage various tasks in the real estate and legal sectors demonstrates her extraordinary abilities to manage and organize, as well as her dedication to the development of her community’s socioeconomic.

How Has Her Family Background Influenced Her Career?

The impact of Angelica’s family is not to be understated. With a mother who is serving as executive judges for Batangas City, Angelica’s career decision seems to be predetermined. But it’s the principles of excellence, service, and a commitment to excellence passed down from her parents that have made her a successful professional. The rich heritage of her parents has inspired she to choose a profession which not only abides by the law but also helps her community’s needs.

What is Her Role in Community Service?

Angelica’s involvement in community service goes beyond the scope of her professional responsibilities. Participation in local initiatives as well as legal aid programs demonstrate her dedication to justice accessible and her determination to contribute something back to those who has shaped her. Through applying her expertise in law to assist those in need, she helps to improve the quality of life in her community, making sure that her actions mirror her family’s tradition of public service.

What Personal Milestones Has She Achieved Recently?

An important personal milestone that was significant for Angelica was her wedding to Hermilando Mandanas, governor of Batangas on May 8th 2024. The ceremony, held in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Batangas City, Philippines, isn’t just an occasion for personal happiness, but an alliance of strength that will enhance her influence on the public sector and governance in Batangas. The union brings together two prominent families from Batangas and could usher in an generation of community development and leadership.


Angelica Chua Mandanas is a example of how a person’s personal life and professional commitment can coexist to create a leader who is poised to make a significant impact. Her academic achievements as well as professional accomplishments and personal commitments show the dedication to quality and service. As she begins this next chapter in the story of her life prior accomplishments and the future plans will create a lasting impression in her community and beyond.

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