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Alpine Lightroom Preset Pack 2018

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Happy Holiday for all, although its a bit too early for that. However, I have created a pretty cool Lightroom Preset Pack for you guys. If you wanna support our blog my Youtube channel   go and grab this lightroom preset pack today.

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Lightroom Preset Pack


Austria Bluehour

Works best with purple hour images, when the light is calm and almost faded.

Gesause Alpenglow

Turns those ugly blue shadows into brownish and gives a light punch for the highlights.

Tatra Autumn

This is my favorite preset, works best with frontal or side-lighting. They say side-lighting is the photographer’s best friend 😉

Mountain Glow

Perfect for slightly underexposed images gives nice light touch for that morning glows.


Portugal Autumn

This preset gives an overall warm look for your pictures and desaturate greens and red colors.

Peak Glow

Suitable for peak shots. Dims the harsh yellow and changes it into reddish.


Pictures by: @gaborlandscapes

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Many thanks!

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