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In a pioneering survey through The Athletic, general managers from across the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) were asked to provide their opinions on a range of crucial issues that will shape how the WNBA will evolve in the coming years. The topics covered varied from identifying the crucial players and coaches to form teams, to rules changes and the possibility of expansion of the league. The survey, which ensured confidentiality to ensure transparency and participation, was completed by nine of the twelve general managers invited.

What Are the Priorities for WNBA General Managers?

The survey shows that for high-ranking executives, the main attention is given to team composition and the selection of outstanding players who can dramatically alter the direction of an organization’s. The players, who are commonly referred to in the context of “unicorns” due to their unique and transformative capabilities and are considered essential to a team’s strategic plan of action. The limitation that prevents general managers from selecting players from their teams demonstrated a wide appreciation of talent throughout the league.

Who Are Considered Franchise-Altering Talents?

While the names of specific players were kept private in order to protect the integrity of the survey and ensure the confidentiality of answers, the discussions pointed to some key traits that define a good franchise player. They are able to demonstrate exceptional skills in leadership, both in both sides of court as well as the capacity to attract sponsors and fans, thereby improving the team’s appeal to potential buyers. The executive team agreed that having at least one of these players is vital to the team’s success and longevity.

What Rule Changes Do GMs Advocate For?

General managers also provided valuable feedback on rule changes that would improve the overall performance of the league. While the survey didn’t describe all the possible adjustments, it’s evident that there was a demand for changes that will enhance game flow and safety. These changes could be aligned more closely to those of the NBA and suggest a desire for uniformity and a simpler set of rules for both the women’s and men’s national basketball leagues.

Is Expansion on the Horizon?

Expanding was a hot topic for the general managers. Many were in favor of this idea considering it an opportunity to increase the league’s reach and expand its impact. The expansion could also lead to the creation of more positions for coaches, players and other staff members, as well as an increase in the WNBA’s impact on culture. But the details of when and where this expansion may occur are the subject of discussion as well as strategic plan.


This study provides an exclusive glimpse into the thinking of the leaders of WNBA teams, providing insight into their goals, challenges and goals regarding the league. The survey demonstrates the team’s dedication to nurturing players and expanding the league with a balanced approach while also improving the experience for fans and protecting the welfare of athletes. As the WNBA grows its leadership, the knowledge of the top executives will have a significant impact on the direction of the league.

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